Web Design FAQ

I need a site where I can edit the content; can you do that?

Absolutely, these sites are referred to as CMS (content management systems), and they are what we create for over 90% of our clients.

What is a blog?

In this context a ‘blog’ is a term given to a category of posts in a website. We can call this category anything that suits your company; we can name it ‘articles’ or ‘news’. Generally this will create a list of your most recent posts, these can be set to show your most recent posts at the top or bottom, or they can also be organized alphabetically. The posts can be used to keep your customers informed of events, news, articles, achievements or offers your business is offering.

Why should I have a blog?

A blog lets you keep your customers informed of news and special promotions. It allows you to interact with your customers and can be used to start a conversation on specific topics relevant to your business or industry sector. It also serves to add new content to your site, and keep it up-to-date which the search engines will reward you with good rankings on your search terms.

But I wouldn’t have time to keep a blog up to date!

No problem, if you are struggling to find the time to generate content for your blog or news section, we can assist by scheduling approved relevant content. Simply get in touch and we can discuss how this can be leveraged to keep your site up-to-date and keep it listed highly with the search engines.

So how much would a dynamic site, with a blog cost?

Web site creation costs can vary greatly, it will come down to how basic or advanced your site needs to be. If you need to sell products or services online, or offer a paid membership system it may increase the costs slightly. Similarly the time required for design and development can vary greatly also.

Call us today, and we will work to find you the best solution for your available budget.

Web Design FAQ was last modified on: April 28th, 2017 by Mark Smallman