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Graphic Design FAQ

What graphic design services do you offer?

We can create just about anything that can be printed or displayed on a screen. From business cards and stationery, to newsletters and magazines.

Do you offer printing services?

Yes, we have a network of trusted printers available to us. Our printers each have their own specialties, meaning we can select for you the best-equipped printer to produce your finished project on the best-suited material, and for the most cost effective prices. Maximizing your return on investment.

Can you create the artwork for me to get printed?

Of course, we will supply you the print-ready files once your designs are ready. However for price, we find we can often re-sell printing cheaper than the printers would sell it to you directly, this is due to our trade discounts, which we pass on to our clients.

Do you offer logo and branding?

Yes, we can create a logo to best represent your business, which will be instantly recognizable, and is created to be suitable for use on everything from social media, your website, to vehicle graphics. We can also produce brand guidelines for you to pass on to your marketing department.

How about digital publishing?

Absolutely, as well as traditional design for print, we can also produce e-books, digital publications and apps, which can be sold through iTunes and the Google Play store.

How much do you charge?

We have no hard-set prices for graphic design, as every project is so different. Prices will depend on the length of time required for the project, if stock images are required and any other associated costs, such as digital publication and app distribution costs. Talk to us today, we are confident we can offer you great value for our services, ensuring you gain maximum marketing impact and return on investment.