Example Services

You are currently a small business selling a unique craft product locally, yet you wish to expand your market reach nationally or internationally. We will design a web presence for you, and support materials for hard copy brochures. Then, we will get your message ‘out there’ to a targeted market base that we will work with you to define geographically.

You represent a charitable concern that wishes to have its message heard by a broader section of the public. Here we can assist you in designing and marketing unique on-line events with compelling speakers and valuable support products.

You are an author or musician with a new book or recording. How will you get your product noticed? Besides everything mentioned above, we will assist you in getting your work read or seen by industry professionals. You will stand out in the crowd!

You want to create a global, on-line event over several days to maximize your reach. We can create a program and materials for you that will fill your event with speakers, attract sponsors and offer enticements such as prizes or exclusive VIP content. In addition, the audience will be energized by innovative emails during the build-up to the event, as well as post-event follow-ups. Call it a Summit, a Conference, or a Networking Experience, we can do it for you.

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