Content Writing

To put it simply: in today’s internet environment, Content is King. In terms of sales and marketing, Content is both your 30 second elevator pitch and a detailed first presentation. Content must grab the reader’s interest in the headline and first sentence, then compel that reader to look deeper into your website.

GraphicAndWeb works directly with you to mold content that fits with your target market’s demographics. We ask questions like:

  • Is your target market local, regional or international? (vital in terms of jargon, grammar and geographic identifiers)
  • What level of expertise in your field will the average visitor have?
  • What sales messages have worked for you in the past, and what has not worked?

We deal with you openly and honestly. While we always deliver what the client wants, our contract with you also includes our best, most informed opinions. In blunt terms – If we think you are making a mistake, we’re going to tell you about what it is and why it is. After all, isn’t that exactly what you would expect from a business partner?

Our offered Content services include the following:

  • populating the fields on your Home page and any ancillary pages you need
  • creating weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog posts to keep your site on the all-important Google first page
  • providing advertising copy and/or product descriptions as needed

Finally, a word of caution. All too often business professionals think they can save a bit of money by creating their own Content. After all, who knows your business or practice better than you? Here is the flaw in that thinking. Imagine your business like an auto dealership. Can your best salesperson change the alternator in a car? Can the chief mechanic write a loan agreement? Can the office manager sell a car to a shopper? You need specialists. As a great man once wrote:

When the going gets tough, the tough turn pro.

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