Author: Mark Smallman

Web Design

Whether you require a simple brochure site, where you can add news and blog posts to on a regular basis. Or you need something a bit more advanced such as a membership platform or an online e-commerce store we can build a solution for you that will be easy to manage and update for years to come.

Using the latest technologies and standards, we can build for you a site that will allow you to engage with your site visitors, no matter what device they are using to view your site.

Website Design for the modern world

The need for a quality, fully compatible web presence that stands out, and is easily found has never been more essential than it is today. With the vast range of devices that can access and search the internet, it is imperative that your site is not only found, but it is compatible with all modern devices and screen sizes.

According to the majority of recent polls, the statistics show that smart phone and tablet browsing has now surpassed web searching and browsing via desktop and laptop devices. This means that it is more important than ever to have a web presence that is compatible with the vast range of screen sizes that are now available.

Not only does your site have to adjust for the size of screen, it also has to contain the correct code and functionality that is viewable on all devices.

Powered by WordPress

At GraphicAndWeb we mostly work with the WordPress platform, the reason for this is simple – we feel it is the most versatile, flexible and user-friendly system currently available.

WordPress now powers around 25% of all websites, and is continuing to grow everyday. It is extremely flexible, and can be used for a wide variety of applications and uses, such as membership sites, e-commerce and even those funny cat blogs.

Our head designer, Mark also runs the local WordPress meetup group (WordPress Northern Ireland), and has given many talks on various aspects of the platform and it’s uses.

Graphic Design

From a business card design to a billboard, a flyer to a magazine, we can create for you a design that will make your company stand out and be noticed.

Using the latest in design technologies and packages, we can create artwork for supply direct to your chosen printer, or we can also manage the printing and delivery of your finished project, leaving you even more time to concentrate on running your business and doing what you do best.

GraphicAndWeb’s head designer, Mark has worked in the print and design industry for 17 years in various roles. These have included a print factory, a newspaper company and a magazine publisher. During his time at the magazine publisher, Mark created advertisements and editorial designs for companies such as Dell, EasyJet, Vodafone and Orange, as well as a number of large financial institutions.


In this modern age, it is more important than ever to ensure your brand identity stands out from the crowd and is rememberable. From inception to the supply of the final artwork, we will work with you and keep you informed at every step of the way.

Branding is more than just logo creation. Logo design is where it all starts; from there we can create the essentials for your company, such as business cards, letterheads and all the necessary stationery for your company. Once we have the colours, font styles and wording, we can work with you to develop your brand, creating flyers, posters, social media profiles, and of course your website.

Print Procurement

Once your designs are ready we can guide or even provide you with quality printing. Just like a good wine, you would not go out and buy a quality wine only to serve it to your clients in paper cups. We can work with you to ensure your design investment and company brand is presented in the best possible way, on the most suitable material.


At Graphic & Web, we believe getting your brand out into the world is essential to increase exposure and profitability. We offer traditional marketing, social media marketing, media relations, advertising campaigns and SEO audits and implementation.

We believe in integrated marketing solutions as your in-house solution. We work closely with our content and web design team to ensure that your overall branding has a consistent message.

Contact us today to learn more about our marketing services and how keeping all of these services under one roof can help to solidify your message and increase effectiveness.

Our Marketing Services Include:
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Audit
  • Reputation Management
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Profile Creation
  • Community Building Strategy Development
  • New Hire Reviews

  • SEO & SEO Audits
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Advertising Campaigns



Content Writing

To put it simply: in today’s internet environment, Content is King. In terms of sales and marketing, Content is both your 30 second elevator pitch and a detailed first presentation. Content must grab the reader’s interest in the headline and first sentence, then compel that reader to look deeper into your website.

GraphicAndWeb works directly with you to mold content that fits with your target market’s demographics. We ask questions like:

  • Is your target market local, regional or international? (vital in terms of jargon, grammar and geographic identifiers)
  • What level of expertise in your field will the average visitor have?
  • What sales messages have worked for you in the past, and what has not worked?

We deal with you openly and honestly. While we always deliver what the client wants, our contract with you also includes our best, most informed opinions. In blunt terms – If we think you are making a mistake, we’re going to tell you about what it is and why it is. After all, isn’t that exactly what you would expect from a business partner?

Our offered Content services include the following:

  • populating the fields on your Home page and any ancillary pages you need
  • creating weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog posts to keep your site on the all-important Google first page
  • providing advertising copy and/or product descriptions as needed

Finally, a word of caution. All too often business professionals think they can save a bit of money by creating their own Content. After all, who knows your business or practice better than you? Here is the flaw in that thinking. Imagine your business like an auto dealership. Can your best salesperson change the alternator in a car? Can the chief mechanic write a loan agreement? Can the office manager sell a car to a shopper? You need specialists. As a great man once wrote:

When the going gets tough, the tough turn pro.

What We Do

We tailor our solution to your need. We do this by asking questions, listening and learning about your company. This allows us to assess how we can best serve your business or professional practice. Once we have a good solid understanding of your business, and the products or services it offers, we then translate this to best suit the medium it is being used on. This helps your customers find you, easily find the ideal solution from your range of services and products, and encourage them to buy from you.

Do you already have a Web presence?

How does your web page appear to search engines and to potential customers? Does it conform to the latest Google algorithms? How does it operate on the wide range of modern devices? Can it be enhanced or re-designed to truly stand out amongst thousands or – in the case of those in the creative arts – even millions of competitors?

What does your brand design say about you?

Does your content speak to your potential market? Is it targeted? Is it clear? Would you prefer to attempt creative content yourself through trial-and-error? That can waste time, money, and possibly lose potential sales. What do you want your content to say?

How is your current marketing strategy working?

How are you currently targeting your potential sales? Are you visibly enticing your audience with eye-catching graphic design?’Are you using the full potential of linked and co-ordinated social media messages along with supporting and readable email alerts? Are you supplying thought-provoking, conversation starting content, that makes people think; or are your marketing messages going straight to Delete?

Our Services

Our services and work at GraphicAndWeb is individually tailored to suit our customers’ needs. Once we have a true understanding of your business and the products or services it offers, we then translate this to best suit the chosen medium.

We work from both time-tested proven systems and work models, as well as custom solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Whichever system best suits those needs, we optimize and work tirelessly to ensure that your business, products and service really stand apart from your competition.
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